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Gourmet Food [Visitor] ·
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Your video was like one craving after another.

Damn i'm hungry.
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American Daughter [Visitor] ·
I went to high school and college in Buffalo, got married to a Buffalo lad and started raising my kids there. When they were in middle school my husband's work took us to Virginia.

That was thirty years ago. Watching your video took me right back like it was yesterday. Ted's hot dogs, Anchor Bar wings, and beef on weck -- terrific video shots and close-ups.

Don't know if it is still the same but if you get to do a whole cooking show on Buffalo you might emphasize the Italian sausage, the German bakeries, and the Polish Easter bread (they used to make a bread basket with hard-boiled eggs baked into it) and the German stollen at Christmas.

The ethnic roots of the European immigrants who came to work in the old Buffalo industries produced some terrific food. There were also great Greek, Croatian, Lithuanian, etc. eateries when I was there. If that is not all gone then the weaving together of many ethnicities into one cosmopolitan city might make a good theme for the TV show.

BTW, I don't know how much involved you are in making videos, but I love to do that also. Check out

Very best of luck. I hope you get to make a show with Anthony Bourdain. I would watch it over and over!
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